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Market Numbers

Jobs are nearly doubling.

The numbers of companies and employees in the cannabis cultivation industry is growing rapidly.



of the U.S. Population

now lives in a state where marijuana has been legalized



have medical marijuana laws



have recreational marijuana laws



in 2017 w/30,000 - 40,000 workers


Total Jobs

estimated in the year 2018

2022 Projections:


Economic Impact


Total Jobs


Cultivation Jobs

Source: Marijuana Business Factbook 2017: Executive Summary

What does all this rapid growth mean for the cultivation industry?

Market Problem

Business conditions are squeezing growers.

The recreational legalization of cannabis means more new growers, and expansion of mature cultivators.

As the legal marijuana market expands, increased production is sending wholesale cannabis prices plunging.

Cultivators that shelled out for expensive indoor facilities are discovering that costs of production now exceed the market price per pound of cannabis. A survey showed that wholesale cultivators anticipate their financial conditions will deteriorate over the next 12 months; which is more than any other segment of the industry.

In early 2016, nearly 70% of retailers, wholesale cultivators and infused product manufacturers said they had reached break-even or profitability within a year. In a 2017 Marijuana Business Daily survey, it showed that about 55% of these businesses had reached their break-even point or hit profitability within a year.

How do cultivation facilities maintain or increase profits as the market expands?


FloEnvy makes production tracking easy.

Tag plants

to create data trail

Track employees

as they work



Gain visibility to the entire operation.

Create schedules

Assign tasks among team members, tailored to your operation's task types.

Tag plants to create data trail

The mobile app allows for scheduling, collaboration, task tracking, and plant tagging.

Track employee performance

Reward top performers with individualized reports, helping each employee grow and hit new targets. 

Analyze the entire operation

Watch your entire business grow in real-time with the comprehensive dashboard.

Projected Numbers

With onboarding just 1% of the market...

Business Model:

Average earn per facility


Our team has a combined 20 years of experience in building production tracking systems utilizing cutting edge software development.

Michael Steinmann

Starting in the warehouse as a high school senior in 2001, Mike worked his way up to Senior Vice President and in 2015, purchased HITS Scanning Solutions from its founder.

Under Mike’s ownership, HITS has seen 20% year over year growth and has been able to develop key partnerships with billion-dollar organizations such as Box, Konica Minolta, and ROi. Mike has also successfully led development and roll out of HITS’ new innovative software STR8VIEW, which has been adopted by 30 clinics and 5 hospitals within its first year.

When Mike was visiting Cannabis cultivation sites in Denver as part of his entrepreneur's group, he saw the need for production tracking software to increase employee efficiencies. Through FloEnvy, he is taking the decades of experience from HITS production tracking software and repurposing it for the cannabis industry.

Michael Gu

Michael has spent the last 4 years working for companies in Silicon Valley and New York.

During that time he has built blockchain infrastructure at ConsenSys, deployed machine learning tools for PayPal, fine-tuned a product recommendation engine serving millions of users at Massdrop, and founded a mobile wallet platform funded by MasterCard (, leading it from launch to 20,00 active accounts.

Michael is actively pursuing the Cannabis industry to grow alongside an industry moving at a tremendous pace, and is excited to lend his technical skills towards the development of FloEnvy.

Corporate Counsel

Crane Business Growth    |   Purk & Associates, P.C., CPAs    |   Matthews Edwards LLC

Phase II:

Blockchain Benchmarking

An opt-in premium service program for pooling data, powered by Ethereum Blockchain.